Our property tax experience

Aug 16 2011 013There is nothing like working in an environment you really love. We enjoy helping people with their tax issues and we have an enthusiasm for investment property, so life at The Private Landlord’s Tax Hub is really fun.

Not only do we deal with a huge variety of tax issues relating to lettings and capital gains issues in respect of property or real estate, but we share your interest in the investment property market and have experience of it ourselves.

Investing in property is not “easy money” as there will always be issues relating to difficult tenants, and unexpected expenditure relating to essential repairs, as well as refurbishment requirements and improvements. We will be happy to guide you through the tax maze relating to these problems and help your property investment to pay off, as well as keeping HMRC happy on your behalf.

The Private Landlord’s Tax Hub is owned by lettings tax specialist Jon Stow

Call us on 0845 456 3587 or 01702 205066 so that we can get started, or email us at enquiries@lettingstax.co.uk

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